Does it all sound too hard?
 Questions about construction are common amongst customers, which given its complexity, is quite natural. As professional builders, if we haven’t heard the question before, be sure we have thought one step ahead. Below are some of the most common questions and a few we have added as we feel they should be asked of yourself when considering your options.
 How many quotes should we get
Consider that to most people this is their biggest single investment in their life.
Some people think it’s smart to shop around and get as many quotes as possible.Let’s look at this in more detail …Of course you should do you due diligence on the builders in your area. Of course you should ask them why you should choose them. We are not talking about buying a car where all models can be presented at the same level and with the same specification. They are identical right? Well yes but even the car industry has lemons, but at least you can be sure you have the best price for the same car at the start. Housing is much more personal, much more customised, and at face value they can all appear the same. There are many ways to cut costs to achieve what appears a similar result. A reputable builder will not do that on principal alone.So our advice is to speak to two or three builders that you know have a solid long standing reputation in your area, talk to them about flexibility in design and specification, talk to them about what sets them apart, ask for references of satisfied customers, even ask for a site visit to an existing project. These are all things a builder will offer without any commitment. We even offer a commitment free design concept. Note that this concept does remain our property though unless we build it.

Then how do you proceed after all this?
We think it’s simple, you have done your homework already, so choose the builder you feel offers you the best for you, and the one you feel comfortable to proceed with and get into the fun part of choosing your design from our portfolio or use our expertise to customise your home design just for you. Then we can guide you all the way to handing you the keys to your new house.

 Why Us?
 We deliver better results for everyone. It’s not as simple as looking at simply important areas such as insulation, air flow and reducing waste. It is also concepts such as natural surveillance, ease of extension and reducing the energy bill while making the home more comfortable. Our qualified staff can talk to you about all options
Swimming Pools
 We can offer this in our service or recommend reputable local pool installers, ensuring you get the best possible service and price. Regardless you can be assured we will either offer existing design, or make sure your custom design will offer the best outcome to enjoy poolside living in your new home