Road markings

road markingsThis page relates to the application of road markings using thermoplastic material that is screeded by hand using a conventional “trolly” built for the purpose. This form of road marking is widely used but takes place mainly on small sites of newly laid road surfacing and more complicated areas of markings, especially in urban locations, where it is not possible or difficult to use a fully automated vehicle.


The thermoplastic is supplied in “poly” bags that will melt when put in the heating pot, i.e. you put the whole bag into the heating pot.
The thermoplastic consists of,
a light coloured aggregate (silica sand),
white pigment (titanium dioxide)
glass beads,



Main Services

We specialise in the painting of lines on any surfaces of

  • shopping complex
  • roads,
  • parking areas,
  • warehouse
  • factory floors,
  • and intersections;

making use of both of the following types of paints:

  • · Solvent Based Paint
  • · Water Based Paint
  • · Polyurethane Paint
  • · Cold Plastic Screed Paint


Pothole Repairs


Why do pothole occur?

A pothole occurs when the surface of the road or footpath has been eroded and a hollow is formed. The worst weather conditions in 30 years have left roads across the country exposed to a condition known as ‘freeze-thaw’.  This damages roads in wet and particularly freezing conditions.  Water gathering in cracks in the roads expands when frozen causing the surface to break up, which results in deeper than usual potholes appearing.  Once you have a weakness in the road the damage is compounded and accelerated by traffic.

We repair potholes and other road defects to ensure safe access for all road users, and to maintain the structure of the road or footway in accordance with our Highway Safety Inspection manual.

How do you repair a pothole?pot-holes-adam-street

A pothole repair involves the ‘cutting out’ of the weakened area to form a rectangular shape.  The hole is then cleaned out and painted with a coat of liquid bitiminous binder.  This acts as an adhesive when the hole is filled with a layer of bitumen road surface material.

We believe we’re one of the most versatile road marking & maintenance companies in the country, and our commitment to a full nationwide coverage including major cities ensures we are the road marking company of choice.